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Clases de español

Clases de espanol

...pciòn?i'm a native speaker of spanish pstudying english as a second language at university. . i would like to teach spanish to those ones who ar...
Intercambio de Idiomas - Bío-Bío
25 Ago
Spanish for gringos !! clases de español

 Spanish for gringos !! clases de espanol y mejorarlas. i m giving spanish lessons for a very good price and the level and quality of the lessons are super good im really into lan...
Intercambio de Idiomas - Santiago
18 Jul
Intercambio de idiomas

Intercambio de idiomas

Hi, my name's camila i just want to practice with someone the english you can help me with the english and i can help you with spanish.
Intercambio de Idiomas - Santiago
19 Mar
Korean/frances/japones por ingles o español

Korean/frances/japones por ingles o espanol

... to exchange my english and or spanish for some french, korean or japanese.... i´ve lived in the us and australia... i have good english an...
Intercambio de Idiomas - Región Metropolitana
04 Abr
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